Prerequisites for the Xen and OpenVZ backup scripts

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    You'll need the following:

    Hosts (what we're using, it will work with more, if you have it working with something else, let me know):

    • Xen 3.x with Virtuals stored on LVs
    • OpenVZ
    • Centos (5.4 gives you the Fuse kernel module built into the kernel)
    • rdiff-backup installed (install from RPMforge:
    • libvirtd installed and working on Xen (need the virsh command -- there are some remnants of doing xen without this left in the code, you can try to resurect that, but I'm not going to ever go back to working it that way and those functions may disappear at somepoint)
    • libvirtd not needed on OpenVZ *yet* (we will end up this way at some point)
    • Fuse and ntfs-3g for backing up NTFS (, ntfs-3g can be found at RPMForge)
    • we mount the snapshots under /home/dhybackup/%lvname%, so be sure that this is okay (or prepare to modify the script, we don't support configuration of this yet)

    Backup Machine:

    • python 2.4 (standard Centos python install)
    • paramiko python module (from epel python-paramiko)
    • rdiff-backup installed (same version as hosts so install it from RPMforge)
    • ssh access to Hosts from backup machine as user who will do the backups via rdiff-backup (you figure out the required security and keys for password less access in your setup.  Also see above in the hosts section about where we mount snapshots)
    • access to storage for backups
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