Windows VM Crashing on Network Use with GPLPV Drivers

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    If you have AMD cpus and your using Xen 3.3.0 (or perhaps other versions), there is a bug that causes Windows VMs to crash because the tcp offloading checksum is not passed to the OS correctly.  To fix this problem, add this line to your domU configuration:

    cpuid = ['0x80000005:ecx=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkkkkkkkk,edx=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxkkkkkkkk']

    I have not confirmed if this is a problem with just the PV drivers, or if it can affect the system without the PV drivers.

    The VM crash would crop up for me if I tried to RDP into the VM or even if I just tried to use IE when I was VNC'd into it..

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    Now I'm stuck on this problem. AMD CPU, Xen 3.2, and I'm using gplpv_XP_0.11.0.357.msi version.
    I tried to solve it by adding the cpuid configuration, but still failed.
    I want to know whether the bug has been fixed in this version. Great thanks. edited 08:44, 22 Nov 2012
    Posted 08:44, 22 Nov 2012
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